Benefits of Virtual

The Virtual Maritime Fair helps exhibitors attract and engage attendees through promotional opportunities and attendee interaction.

Large Audience

The Virtual Maritime Fair will attract a much larger audience who attend without the risk and cost of travel.  

Instant Leads

Attendees have multiple ways to engage inside the virtual booth so you can capture their contact information for an instant sales lead.

Low Risk

Because the show is virtual, there is no need to spend money on travel and entertainment, time away from the office, or expensive trade show booths. 

On Demand 24X7

The Fair will go live but extend the value of the event because attendees can look at your booth online during and after exhibit hall hours.

Exhibit without the expense and risk of travel.

Measurable ROI

Exhibitors have detailed reports showing attendee interaction inside the booth and the analytics to prove the ROI.

Hold Meetings

Add calendars to the virtual booth for attendees to see when you are available to meet and schedule time with you.

Raise Awareness

Continue to build your brand by having a powerful marketing message inside the virtual booth or elsewhere in the platform.  

Live Video 

Schedule in-booth video sessions to demonstrate your product or engage your customers with discussions.