Schedule Meetings

Use the Meeting Request system to ask for meetings with attendees before or during the show.  Add a meeting calendar for each of your booth staff for attendees to request meetings with them during the show.

Prescheduled Show Meetings 

Request Meetings with Attendees

Use the Meeting Request tool to find attendees or other exhibitors to reach out and schedule a meeting.  The feature lets you filter your search to find attendees by company name, geography or other demographic information and returns a list of attendees to request a meeting. 

Select the people you want to meet with and the system automatically emails them with your meeting request including the email address of the booth staff that made the request. Interested attendees email  back and allow staff to schedule the meeting with them.

Scheduled Meetings During the Show

Meeting Calendars for Booth Staff

Exhibitors have the option of adding Calendly meeting calendars to a "Request a Meeting" inside the booth.  Add one calendar for the entire booth or different calendars for each booth staff.  Attendees pick an open time slot, request a meeting, and staff gets an email to confirm the meeting and send out a calendar invite.

Request a Meeting Form

Instead of Calendly meeting calendars, exhibitors can also add a "Request a Meeting" form for attendees to fill out.  Once the form is completed, the system automatically emails the exhibitor with the request so you can follow up and set the meeting with the attendee.